Monday, September 6, 2010

Small Victories

I am always struggling to be more organized. I actually pray about becoming a better housewife since it would do the entire family so much good. One tiny step in the right direction happened today. My son's school uniforms are all hanging in his closet, ready for the week. The last time that happened was the Monday before Kate was born, almost exactly eleven months ago.

He's always shown up at school on time, with the right shirt for the right day, but I was always running around the night before (or even sometimes that morning) trying to dredge up a uniform from the infamous Mt. Laundry. This pile has been waxing and waning over the summer, but has never quite disappeared. If all goes well tonight I should reclaim that corner of our family room. I am very much a Martha, worrying about everything being right and never getting it all done, then whining to my husband for help, which he enjoys so much. Every time that reading comes up at Mass, we drive home to me ranting about how the apostles needed to eat, didn't they and who exactly was going to feed them if everyone just sat at Jesus' feet? Sigh.

I'd love for the house to be clean so our evenings could be more open, so we can just spend time together and maybe even start some sort of prayer/spiritual reading habit as a couple. We've been married for ten years and Catholic for six of them, so you'd think we'd have that sorted by now. Nope. So I am celebrating my small victory of organized uniforms by clearing a moment of tonight's decluttering time to spend with my husband. Then back to conquer Mt. Laundry!

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